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Movement for Change is different from other training or performance companies that you know. 

We provide transferable strength and mobility. We give you the right tools and guidance to improve health, wellness, life, strength, and upgrade performance. We do not cookie cutter because no two bodies are structurally the same or move the same way. Individuals have their own customized plans. Simple steps to make a change to move better, perform better, and get the most out of life. Movement for Change is about consistent training with purpose. Training with goals in mind versus random haphazard exercise for its own sake. While that may be ok for some, training should have long term goals and be sustainable over time. 

Our job is to help influence progress so sessions are always about what is needed at that time, i.e. mobility, recovery, strength, etc. We account for sleep, stress (using HRV if needed) and workloads outside of the gym.


Coaching at Movement for Change keeps up with current literature and continuing education. We seek education as well as certification in specialty areas. It is one thing to see something on YouTube or Instagram and call yourself an expert. It is different when you actually take the time to learn WHY things work and have a working philosophy through course work. Like an MD, we have a responsibility to keep your health in good hands. Any good coach takes the time to learn, takes time to listen, and takes the time to program for YOU. After all, it's just YOUR health. 


Smart programming means more than you know. Sets, reps, rest, recovery, mobility, assessment, nervous system, HRV, programming are all a piece of the puzzle. Miss one piece and what do you have? Training must not cause pain or injury. "No pain no gain" is stupid. It must be fun, encouraging, sustainable, and centered on getting better a piece at a time. 

Consistency is key! 


"The best trainers have a good grasp of exercise science, understand the gaps in the current research and have the experience and expertise to customize programs based on individual goals, abilities, and response." Brad Schoenfeld   


"Those that want to be entertained during their training, are not serious about their training."  Pavel




Movement For Change is the only place where you will find the same movement education and learning philosophies/methodologies that Functional Range Conditioning has used with the following teams. Science based movement for better outcomes for your mobility and health. Functional Range Conditioning is used by the teams below 

Movement for Change is getting ready to take on your nutritional needs soon by partnering with Precision Nutrition. Precision Nutrition is the leading nutritional education leader for real nutrition, real eating for real people. The following companies have partnered and trusted Precision Nutrition as well.

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