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"Carlos is one of those rare gems that when you find him, you need to hold on to him.

That he is an amazing coach and supremely knowledgeable about his craft is without a doubt. It's what he does beyond that that makes him absolutely unique and unparalleled.

What sets Carlos apart from all other trainers is simply he cares about clients' success, happiness, progress, time, mind, heart, and spirit. He cares deeply and it shows. 

Carlos always has a plan- he can see you at your worst physically, mentally, or emotionally and he has a plan to make you better. There is no sense of randomness in his training- everything is purposeful and builds on itself. He has goals for you and will get you there if you let him. You will never get hurt working with him. He will tell it to you straight when you need it and be there to hold you together when you need that too. 

There are a few other key ingredients to Carlos that you will not find anywhere else:

*He is always on time

*He is absolutely cognizant of your time as a client: never on his phone stealing your time, he gives you his full attention when he's with you, never sitting or resting during your training session. He coaches when needed and assesses at all times

*He can incorporate all manner of ancillary modalities into your training plan: he understands sympathetic reactivity, nutrition, recovery, functional movement, metabolism and so much more......"

Julie Hakim, M.D., FRCSC, FACOG | Founder

The Tumaini Children's Project 

“After working with Carlos for over 15 years, I can recommend him as an exceptional trainer who is very skilled at evaluating the areas that each individual needs to work on, providing the exercises to address those needs, and doing it in a personable and enjoyable way."


Richard Edelman, Appellate Attorney, former Justice 14th Court of Appeals

“​In a world where 'one size fits all' is the norm, it is rare to find someone who takes a truly individualized approach, particularly in combination with the highest level of expertise, experience, and commitment.


I began having severe back and neck pain in my early 30s, despite regular exercise and a healthy diet.  After seeing two chiropractors and experiencing minimal improvement for a year, I found Carlos Reta.  That was 5 years ago.  From the first visit, I began experiencing significant pain was amazing!  After a few sessions, I noticed that my strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning had also improved.  It became clear that this guy was something special.


Carlos taught me so much, it is difficult to summarize.  Despite being an orthodontist, it turns out I did not understand proper posture, ergonomics, and breathing.  Despite being an ex-college track and field athlete and maintaining a regular exercise and strength training routine, I did not have proper lifting technique, I was weak and stiff in several areas, and I was unknowingly contributing to my chronic injuries and dysfunction.  The program Carlos put me on was expertly tailored to my specific needs, and it changed as my needs did.


It is now 5 years later, and I am 38 years old.  My back and neck pain are minimal in comparison to what I was experiencing before, without medications or surgical intervention.  Perhaps most surprisingly, I am FAR stronger and more flexible now than I was when I was 19 and running track in college.  I guess all those certifications and continuing education courses he attends (and teaches) do make a difference!


It has been a true education and privilege to have Carlos as a trainer, therapist, coach, and friend.  He will teach you so many things to do on your own that you may not need to continue seeing him as regularly as I do (i.e. you will not be "therapist-dependent").  I have personally chosen to continue weekly sessions and hope to do so for many years to come, as I truly enjoy continuing to improve my strength, mobility, function, and knowledge.  I honestly cannot recommend Carlos Reta and his services highly enough!"


John Karotkin, DDS, MS  –  Orthodontist and President, Advance Orthodontics of Houston

......the expert knowledge. My trainer Carlos quickly identified my weak spots and gave me specific stretching and core strengthening exercises I had never seen before. I honestly thought some of it was a bit whacky at first. But...

Within a few short weeks the almost constant pain in my neck, back and leg is GONE. And my strength has skyrocketed. 

At 47 I am safely and cleanly deadlifting over 400# again and I have my sights set on heavier lifts later this year. The confidence and certainty I have gained by Carlos identifying and correcting my weaknesses has given me a kind of motivation I haven’t felt in years....

Scott Goodknight

Club Fearless

US Army Rangers, Ret.

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