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Movement for Change is about you. It is about making your decision to change. Change your mindset, your health,  your body, your performance, your movement, and or your strength. Click on the images below for more info.


Movement for change is housed at the Core- a 30,000 square foot facility complete with locker room, shower, plate loaded equipment, selectorized equipment, dumbbells, barbells, a dedicated lifting room, foam roller, kettlebells, and all the fun toys you could ever want in a facility that has plenty of space! When you join the Core, you can come in and practice the skills and drills anytime you want without your trainer/coach as well.  


Training starts with an assessment of movement. Whether you are returning from injury, post-rehab, or looking to improve your strength or performance for sport, movement assessment is your entry point to health and wellness. Personal training does not have to be intimidating and neither should the gym. Let Movement for Change be your guide to feeling good, having fun, fulfilling, sustainable, strength, and moving better.

The Functional Movement Screen looks at your fundamental movement patterns to assess control, basic movement patterning, efficiency, and asymmetry as a guide to program your strength training and performance. It is a guide much like taking a blood pressure reading. It is a baseline if you want to increase physical activity. Movement is the foundation of fitness, performance, health and life. How well do you move? At Movement for Change, a Functional Movement Screen is the first step we perform. 
Heart rate variability is one of the easiest and most useful metrics to track health, fitness, and performance for most people. HRV tells you what is going on inside of you. How well do you manage rest, recovery, stress, and your training session? It lets you know when to push hard or when to pull back on the hard training. It can also help with body composition and weight loss. It is easy to measure and only takes about 3 minutes to do. We use it to help the nervous system perform at its peak and optimize your training. 


Functional Range Conditioning is a comprehensive joint training system based on scientific principles and research. It covers joint mobility - the amount of active usable motion that you possess. While improving mobility, the FRC system acts to safeguard your joints so that movement can be executed safely. Training with FRC improves the function of the nervous system. This leads to a reduction in pain, and injury, joint health and longevity, as well as an increased ability to move freely and easily.  This is not passive stretching or yoga. This is movement you WORK TO LEARN to achieve and keep, not someone stretching you.  

Movement for Change is a MOVEMENT company. As such, we utilize Rocktape to delay fatigue, decompress an area of swelling/inflammation, turn down the volume on pain, and to help you move better. Most people have seen Rocktape used in the Crossfit games - yes we tape Crossfit athletes too.  

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Houston, Tx 77027

Tel: 713-206-6300

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